One for the Lovers

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a simple, but delicious, Valentine's pizza. This delightful recipe combines the romantic spirit of the occasion with classic pizza elements such as cream cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil. Whether you're planning a specifc Valentine's Day menu or just want a new pizza in your repertorie, this recipe provides instructions for a heartwarming and delicious Valentine's pizza. Explore the full recipe and enjoy a special moment with a Valentine's pizza on this romantic day.

One for the Lovers
  • Spread out your dough like a regular round pizza. Make a gentle pull down to shape the top of the heart, and tuck bottom in for a proper heart shape. Add cream cheese and mozzarella, and bake for 60-120 seconds at 400°C in a professional pizza oven.
  • After baking, add fresh tomatoes and basil. To write on the pizza with balsamic glaze, let it cool slightly before writing to avoid the glaze melting.