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This website ("Website"), like most websites, works best when allowed to use cookies. When you visit this Website, we may send (and store) a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small text file sent by a web server to a web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, etc.). This cookie enables the Website or web server to collect specific, but restricted, information from the web browser about the visitor ("you").

We use various cookies on this Website. These range from long-term cookies (to remember you or your preferences) to short-term or session based cookies that “expire” when you close your browser window.


Arla Foods ("Arla Foods"/"we") may use cookies to help the Website to remember you when you visit the Website again and to note which pages you view and any specific preferences that you might have selected along the way. We may use this information to personalise the content that is shown to you or to prevent certain things from happening, such as an informative pop-up from being shown to you twice. The cookies may also track your behaviour and activate a certain pop-up after a specific amount of time or save a product in the electronic shopping basket after you have selected it.

We may also use tracking tools to provide us with information about customer behaviour, which we use to improve the Website and for internal reports.

We sometimes incorporate multimedia elements, such as videos, on the Website from external providers. These elements use cookies for analytics and control of functionality, such as remembering for how long the video has played before being paused, etc. These cookies are set by the third parties providing the multimedia element.  

We may use cookies for the purposes of targeted marketing, based on your preferences, e.g. via a DoubleClick cookie, which prevents you from seeing the same advertisements again.

We may use third party cookies to compile and store anonymous statistics about browsing patterns or site behaviour and build up a demographic profile. This data is collected along with other visitor data to form a collective analytics report. This data is as a main rule not personally identifiable and is only used for reporting/statistical purposes.

We may also use a number of social media tools, both third party and custom-built, to enhance visitor interaction (such as “Like”, “Share” or “Tweet”) on our site. If you already use these platforms, third party cookies may be set through our website and may be linked to your account with that third party provider. Data may then be used by them to customise certain adverts or functionality on their site(s) based on your usage of their service from this site. Please note that these parties use your personal data in accordance with the privacy and cookies policies that apply to their services.


Arla Foods is a data controller for the information provided via the cookies set on the Website. When you accept our use of cookies, you consent to our processing of your personal information as described in this Cookie Policy. Our processing is therefore based on your consent.

To the extent the cookies are set by a third party, for example a social media service provider, the relevant third party may have access to the cookies and is the controller for the information collected by the use of these cookies.

The information obtained by the permanent or semi-permanent cookies is generally retained for 1-2 years, whereas the session cookies are deleted when you shut down your browser.  


If you do not wish to accept cookies from this Website, you may reject cookies. Most browsers allow you to decline the acceptance of cookies and you can easily handle the cookies by use of the Help menu on your browser or by contacting your system administrator.

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Please note that if you disable the cookies used on this Website, certain services or pages on this website may not be available to you, or may not function as intended.

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