Autumn Love

Experience a unique twist on pizza with this unique and mouthwatering pumpkin pizza recipe. Combining the earthy sweetness of pumpkin with classic pizza flavours, this dish offers a delightful surprise for any taste buds. Whether you're a experienced pizza chef or just getting started, this recipe creatively plays with the perception of what pizza is. You can explore the full details here and savour the delicious fusion of pumpkin and pizza by the slice.

Autumn Love
    For the pumpkin cream:
  • Peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces. In a pan, brown the pumpkin with butter, add salt and pepper (nutmeg or cumin can be added, too).
  • Lower the heat to the minimum and cook on low for 30 minutes, slowly letting water from the pumpkin release and simmer. Drain completely, add to a blender and blend until soft.
  • Pass through a sieve to get a nice and smooth cream.
  • For the roasted pumpkin:
  • De-seed the pumpkin using a spoon. Add butter and pumpkin to a pan, give it a quick fry and let simmer for 5 minutes until cooked through. Season with salt and pepper.
  • For the roasted pumpkin seeds:
  • Roast the pumpkin seeds in a hot pan for 1 minute.
  • For the pizza:
  • Spread out pizza dough, add the pumpkin cream and mozzarella. Bake for 60-90 seconds at 400°C in a professional pizza oven. Remove from oven and add roasted pumpkin. Bake again for 60-90 seconds.
  • After cooking, add the blue cheese, lambs lettuce and pickled red onions. Top with roasted pumpkin seeds and serve.