War On Waste: Meet the Operators
16 February 2024

War On Waste: Meet the Operators

We’re shining a spotlight on the businesses that are leading the way when it comes to reducing food waste. From running successful food waste audits to simple tips on how to use leftovers, check out our spotlight series below and get inspired.

Skye Gyngell, Founder/Chef, Spring Restaurant, Somerset House London

Spring at Somerset House, is Skye Gyngell’s pioneering restaurant that reflects her unwavering dedication to exceptional cuisine and the ability to share this joy with diners. The restaurant's ethos revolves around celebrating food, particularly seasonal produce, in a heartfelt and wholesome manner.

In 2018, influenced by a talk from Sian Sutherland, Spring targeted plastic use. They removed plastic straws and introduced biodegradable cling film in 2018. By 2019, they became London's first plastic-free restaurant, eliminating all single-use plastics.

But Skye didn’t stop her dedication to sustainability here, Spring is well known for their Scratch Menu available from Tuesday to Saturday between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm, limited to 30 guests per evening to ensure it is carefully crafted from the restaurant's waste. The goal is to provide a delicious and nutritious meal using often overlooked ingredients at a fair and reasonable price of £30 per head.

Arla Pro x Spring – Spring and the focus on becoming a low waste restaurant

Arla Pro x Spring – Buttermilk and Persimmon Salad Recipe

Johnny Hayes, Co-Owner/Director, Nell’s Pizza, Manchester

Nell’s Pizza is a family run pizzeria in Manchester, after travelling America together in their early 20’s they set out to bring New York style pizza to the UK. However, their ambitions’ didn’t just stop here, the drive behind Nell’s was to create a food business which was more gentle on the environment. They are working on creating a environmentally friendly business model by using less power, creating less waste, less meal and working with local and responsible suppliers.

Arla Pro X Nells’ Pizza – The steps Nell’s Pizza are taking to be a sustainable restaurant

Recipe ‘Cheese on a Plate’ a simple and effective way to use up your leftover cheese into a melt in your mouth fondue to share

Peter Weedon, Head Chef, Duke of Cambridge Pub, Islington

The Duke of Cambridge in Islington is a Culpeper Family pub which was named ‘Britain’s first organic pub’ in 1998. As part of the Culpeper family, they have a simple mission to create a positive impact on the world, by using hospitality for good – creating good food in a heartfelt environment all whilst being genuinely sustainable.

Waste Management: How to Implement a Successful System" with Peter Weeden, The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

"Putting Tips And Tricks Into Practice" with Peter Weeden, The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

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