A More Sustainable Pizza
21 March 2022

A More Sustainable Pizza

Demand for sustainable food options is growing across all food service channels. From locally sourced ingredients to packaging with care, you can explore some of the major pizza trends that help consumers indulge with a clear conscience.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is critical to any food service channel – and creative thinking can be a helping hand when it comes to fighting food waste. You can turn leftover dough into pizza snacks or ferment excess vegetables.

An eye on logistics can also reduce waste. Avoid over-buying stock, ensure that food is stored correctly, and buy products with a longer shelf life. Donating leftovers to charity will also ensure that food is put to good use.

Jars with fermented, leftover vegetables

Wrapped With Care

Recyclable pizza boxes made from sustainable materials also make a positive environmental impact. Another option is serving refreshments with biodegradable straws.

On top of this, you should look for suppliers that deliver their ingredients in sustainable and recyclable packaging, and actively communicate sustainability efforts and directions on how to recycle to your conscious consumers.

Take-away pizza in recyclable box

Green and Raw

As more consumers try to cut down on meat, veggie pizzas are becoming more popular. Some pizza makers are taking this trend to another level, serving actual salad pizzas with fresh greens.

The main difference between veggie and salad pizzas is that most green ingredients are raw and added post-bake. Veggies of choice include fresh arugula, artichokes, bell peppers, hot peppers and tomatoes topped with fresh parmesan, mozzarella, or cheddar.

Pizza with fresh vegetables added post-bake

Go Seasonal

A low-hanging fruit for pizzas looking to make a difference is using produce in season. Apart from the environmental benefits of reduced transportation, the taste and quality is often better.

Fresh, seasonal produce from the local market

Save water

Water is a valuable resource, and it's often wasted. If you're running a pizzeria, consider upgrading to the most efficient pre-rinse spray valve available. It's a small investment, usually less than $100, but it can lead to significant energy and water savings that quickly pay off in the first year.

Also, check that the bathroom and kitchen sinks used for handwashing have the right aerators installed. These simple devices help cut down on the amount of water flowing out of faucets, saving both water and energy. Foraging wild herbs, mushrooms, greens, and nuts also offer interesting taste experiences and a bit of storytelling.

Emphasise sustainability with your staff

Making your restaurant sustainable is a group effort. It requires everyone to be trained and take mindful actions. After all, having a composting and recycling plan won't do much if the staff just throws everything in the trash. Having conversations with your team about the various sustainability practices the restaurant follows, explaining what they are and why they matter is a good idea.

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