Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Responsible Mozzarella Supplier
01 January 2023

Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Responsible Mozzarella Supplier

Dairy has been in the diets of humans for centuries for a wide array of reasons. The health benefits of dairy are numerous – from high calcium and protein content, plus many other vitamins and minerals. Dairy is also affordable, accessible and key to the livelihoods of farmers across the world.

In foodservice, dairy plays a significant role across menus thanks to its varied functionality, adaptability, texture and flavour profiles. From milk to cheese and everything in between, dairy products are staples for many chefs and hospitality operators.

When it comes to climate issues, we don’t shy away from the fact that dairy is part of the climate problem. However, we believe that it’s also a key part of the solution. At Arla, our ambition is to become carbon net zero by 2050. We expect to get there through a wide range of initiatives across our supply chain, both on our farms, within our operations and our own and third-party logistics, and through the packaging we use – all of which supports a more responsible production of mozzarella for your pizza menu.

Explore the lifecycle of Arla® Pro Mozzarella

On it's way to becoming mozzarella, this is the lifecycle our milk passes through:

explore-the-lifecyrcle-of-arla-pro-mozzarella 1 (1)

Watch this video of how our mozzarella is made:

What does ‘farmer-owned’ mean?

We’re proud to be a farmer-owned business, meaning the 8,400 or so dairy farmers whose produce makes up our milk pool are fundamentally the owners of our business. Our roots as a cooperative go way back to the 1880s, and our structure means that all our profits go back to our farmer owners, rather than to shareholders.


We perform Climate Checks on farms and remain committed to improving our CO2e footprint

A total of 95 per cent of Arla’s active farmer owners have in 2022 completed a Climate Check in Arla's new standardised tool for calculating CO2e footprints. The Climate Check is one of the world's largest data sets for milk production and provides a clear indication of what is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farms even more over the next ten years.

For several decades, Arla's shareholders have worked to improve our milk production by, among other things, working with green alternatives on their farms, such as circular milk production, renewable energy, biodiversity and climate checks. The results help to highlight the changes our farmers have put into practice are contributing to the production of dairy products for professionals with more consideration for climate and environment.

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