Arlagården®: Ensuring responsible and sustainable farming
29 October 2020

Arlagården®: Ensuring responsible and sustainable farming

With Arlagården®, we take steps to ensure that our milk is produced responsibly and with respect for environment and animal welfare.

At the heart of Arla's farmer-owned cooperative is the dairy farm itself, and our commitment to sustainability begins there. We strive to ensure that our farms work in harmony with surrounding ecosystems, from the natural environment to local communities and economies.

To support our farmers in meeting the highest standards, we’ve established a quality assurance program called Arlagården. With Arlagården we take responsibility for the milk, to ensure it is produced in a responsible manner and is of a high quality standard.

The four cornerstones of the Arlagården policy are: Milk composition, food safety, animal welfare and environmental considerations.

Arlagården® Plus

Our farmers care for their cows and take great pride in having high standards on their farms. And they all have the opportunity to document the great things being done at farm level. Four times a year they can input data about their farms, herds and individual cows into the database, Arlagården® Plus.

The data makes it possible for Arla to accommodate requests from consumers, who are increasingly focused on the origin of our products, specifically what Arla’s farmer owners feed their cows and how they look after them. Arlagården® Plus ensures transparency – all the way from cow to consumer.

We work towards a sustainable future

We support responsible farming, sustainable production, animal welfare, and food waste reduction – and these values drive our mission and align with your customers. Learn more about our focus areas below and join us in creating a more sustainable future.

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