Farmer Owned: Why This Matters To Your Customers
08 October 2017

Farmer Owned: Why This Matters To Your Customers

Arla is a farmer owned dairy company – and that comes with a lot of benefits for your customers. From sustainable farming to animal welfare, you can read more about how our farmers’ work can benefit your customers here.

They will be supporting farmers

Arla is owned dairy farmers, and around 2,500 of them are in the UK. That means we can work together with farmers to create a sustainable long-term future for the dairy industry. So, our farmer ownership means that your customers can rest assured that dishes made with products from Arla Pro directly profits our farmer owners. Choosing Arla Pro products mean the farmers get a better return which helps them to better plan for the future.

They care about animal welfare

It’s fair to assume that a large majority of your customers care about the welfare of animals – especially when it concerns the food and drinks they enjoy. And of course, it’s no different for our dairy farmers: animal welfare is a top priority. In fact, sustainable farming and the welfare of animals go hand in hand. Our quality control programme ensures we keep our dairy cows healthy, comfortable and well fed at all times. That’s good for the cows and good for our farmers - because healthy, happy cows produce milk of a higher quality which, of course, is great news for your menu and your customers.
Dairy cows from Thornington Farm

Control that gives them peace of mind

Arla is owned by the same farmers who produce most of our milk, which gives us full control of the milk’s journey from our cows to you and on to your customers. Every single step of the journey is recorded and can be traced. This tracing system ensures that your customers are guaranteed to get the purest and tastiest dairy.

For sure, I like to know where my dairy comes from. Where and how animals are kept. Plus, farmers work harder than most and deserve to be rewarded properly.

Gordon Stott, head chef at the Sun Inn

You can reassure safety and freshness

By using Arla Pro products, you can confidently reassure customers that your dairy is safe and fresh. Our farmers are passionate about this too. That means our milk is constantly monitored and is tested several times during its journey to your kitchen. The results of these tests are documented to ensure consistent quality and safe, clean products – every time. In fact, the price our farmers receive for their milk depends on its quality. This provides you and your customers with the security that Arla supplies consistently high quality products.

Long-term sustainability

Your customers are much more socially aware than before and it’s a trend that’s set to continue. Research by The Soil Association shows that over 80% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand with a positive approach to sustainability. However, the same research revealed almost half (45%) said they are unaware of the sustainable practices that brands have adopted.

Your customers can rest assured that the dairy you use is farmed in a sustainable manner. It has a major influence on the overall environmental performance of our products and so to us it’s important that this production is done in a sustainable way. Also, we have a Sustainable Dairy Farming Strategy, which covers: climate, animals, resources and nature. Finally, Arla Pro shows leadership in the area of sustainable agriculture by responsible sourcing of selected products associated with environmental challenges.

Natural, real dairy products are important to chefs but they need to be as consistent as possible. That’s something we always strive for with our raw product.

Tom Neill, Arla Farmer Owner