Pancetta & Pecorino Pizza

Transform your pizza menu with our delicious pancetta pizza. Delight in the symphony of flavours as crispy pancetta, savoury plum tomatoes, and pecorino cheese converge in this culinary masterpiece. Crafted to entice discerning palates, this pancetta pizza offers a gourmet twist to the conventional pizzas. Elevate your culinary prowess by featuring the rich essence of pancetta and pecorino cheese. Guarantee an exceptional dining experience by adding this exquisite pizza to your menu.

Pancetta & Pecorino Pizza
  • Start by mixing 90% of the water with the yeast, letting the yeast dissolve completely. Mix all three flour types together in a bowl. Add 50% of the flour.
  • Mix to the yeast water and mix briefly. Then, gradually, add the rest of the flour. When the dough starts to come together after about 4-5 minutes, add the salt and half of the remaining water.
  • Once the salt has been incorporated, gradually add the rest of the water and the oil and mix for a bit. The total mixing time should be about 15 minutes.
  • Leave the dough to rest for two hours. Take it out of the container and fold it a few times to give it strength. Put the dough in a plastic container and let it rest covered with clingfilm at room temperature for one hour. Then store it in the refrigerator for 18-24 hours to let the yeast work its magic. Before baking, take the dough out of the refrigerator and let it reach room temperature.
  • Making the pizza
  • First, add a good bit of flour to your work surface and pour the dough from the container onto the flour. Gently stretch the dough into an oval shape. Bake the base for 4 minutes at 280-300°C with just a drizzle of good olive oil. After 4 minutes, add the mozzarella sticks, tomatoes, red onions and the pancetta and cook for another 4-5 minutes. When the crust is perfectly golden brown and crispy, take out the focaccia and add the pecorino cheese and a few leaves of fresh basil. Drizzle with olive oil and you’re ready to serve.