Chocolate Hazelnut Smore Pizza

Bring a unique pizza dessert to your customers’ tables with this Chocolate Hazelnut Smores Pizza recipe. Made with ease of preparation in mind, this recipe features indulgent ingredients like chocolate hazelnut spread, marshmallows, Skyr 0% fat natural yogurt, and a hint of orange zest to really elevate the dessert. With quality ingredients, this smores pizza recipe ensures consistency and satisfaction for all your customers. Explore the detailed recipe to enhance your professional pizza menu with our Chocolate Hazelnut Smores Pizza recipe.

Chocolate Hazelnut Smore Pizza
  • Roll dough into 12 inch Circle. Make six 1 inch cuts at equal intervals around the dough. Inbetween these incisions blob 6 equal spoonful's of chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • Fold the dough around the chocolate spread, encasing each piece of chocolate spread to create a pointed pillow.
  • Blob the Skyr into the centre of the dough and smooth out with a spoon. Evenly place the 4 marshmallows on top of the Skyr.
  • Place into a pre-heated oven or pizza oven at 250 degrees Celsius and bake for 5 mins until golden and brown peaks.
  • Brush with melted butter, drizzle with Chocolate spread and finish with zest of Orange and Icing Sugar. Serve Warm with Ice Cream or Skyr.