Deep Dish Peperoni Pan Pizza

Deep Dish Peperoni Pan Pizza
  • Dissolve the yeast , garlic powder and sugar into the water. Add the flour and water into a mixer and mix with a dough hook for 8-10 min. Add the salt, mix for 5 min, add the oil and mix till dough is smooth and supple. Place into an airtight container, brush with oil and let it proof for 1-2 hours, then shape into dough balls and proof for another 1 hour.
  • Take your 10inch pizza pan and grease with oil, sprinkle some of the Italian herbs and salt into the pan, place the dough ball in and shape to fit the pan, cover and let it proof at room temp for 30min or overnight in the fridge.
  • Sauce
  • In a saucepan heat the oil and Sautee the garlic, add the tomato paste, cook out. then add the crushed tomatoes and Italian herbs and let it cook on medium for 8-10 min. remove from heat, add the sugar and salt. Check if seasoning is correct then let it cool till ready for use.
  • Pizza
  • Once the dough and sauce are ready pre heat your conveyor oven to 250c at a speed of 6 min. Spoon 80g of pizza sauce onto the dough, cover with 180g of Arla Pro Mozzarella Analogue IQF, place the peperoni then bake.
  • Once done remove from the oven , place on serving dish or box , cut and serve.