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Natural Cream Cheese, 1.8kg

ID: 63854 3x1.8 kg

Natural cream cheese block with 34% fat content and low moisture makes this cream cheese ideal for the baked cheesecakes. Use it as the hero ingredient for cheesecake, enjoy it on crackers or roll it up on sushi for a complete solution to your kitchen's cream cheese need. The product is versatile and can be used in multiple applications.

Natural Cream Cheese, 1.8kg

Product information

Skimmed milk, cream, salt, gelatine (fish), stabilizer (locust bean gum), lactic acid culture (Fat 34% / fat in Dry matter 70% / Moisture 53%)
Temp. (Max): 5 °C
1.8 KG


Kcal 349 kcal
kJ 1442 kJ
Fat 34 g
Saturated fat 22 g
Carbohydrate 1.7 g
Sugar 1.7 g
Protein 8.5 g
Salt 0.8 g