Mango Cream Puff

Recipe by: Chef Bernard Tan

Mango Cream Puff
    Choux Puff
  • Boil water, milk, butter, salt and sugar. Add in flour and continue cook. Once the mixture form a hard paste, transfer it to mixing bowl with paddle attachment, use medium speed to mix it. Slowly add in whole egg and continue mix it until the paste is well mixed. And its ready to use.
  • Mango Fluid Gel
  • Boil all ingredients and let it cool down and set on a Once the mixture is set, put it in food processor and blend it into a paste. Sieve it and its ready to use.
  • Craqualine
  • Mix all ingredients until form a dough. Roll it into 0.2 mm thickness and cut into desire shape.
  • Cream Chantilly
  • Mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Whip up until soft peak.