The Anatomy of the Cheeseburger
18 September 2019

The Anatomy of the Cheeseburger

Balancing tastes and textures to leave your customers wanting more.

For most burger pros, making the perfect cheeseburger is a process of trial and error. Of tweaking recipes and combining ingredients until the result is just right. Whether your shooting for a gourmet style burger or traditional bun and patty cheeseburger, most chefs agree that the key to success is getting the combination of tastes and textures right. Here’s a few guidelines that will be helpful to keep in mind, when developing new delicious burgers for your menu.

Cheese adds flavour

Cheese provides umami taste to your burger, but depending on your choice of cheese it can also add secondary flavours like salty (cheddar), sour (gouda), sweet (emmentaler) or bitter (blue cheese).