Burger Trends
05 December 2019

Burger Trends

Go premium

While the ol’ fashioned burger is still the food of choice for many millennials, the gourmet burger has been gaining traction for some years. Wagyu beef, truffle, lobster and high-end cheeses are just some of the ingredients that line the menus of upscale burger joints around the world. Demand for quality ingredients and gourmet cooking drive the trend – and nothing seems to suggest that it will change any time soon.


Keep it simple

For every action, there’s a reaction. And as topping choices explode, some burger traditionalists prefer to focus on what really matters to them: The bun, the patty and the cheese. Simple burgers cooked perfectly with high quality ingredients will win you the hearts of purists, tired of having fried pineapple, kimchi or jalapenos taking over the beefy flavour.


Protein up. Carbs down

Many restaurants and burger joints are tapping into the high protein/low carb trend by adding protein-rich toppings, like eggs, mushrooms or pepperoni to their menu or replacing the beef patty with protein-filled veggie patties made from e.g. black beans, chickpeas or nuts. To improve the protein to carb-ratio, some chefs even replace the carb-filled bun with lettuce leaves, mushroom caps or halved avocados.


Meatless is more

The high protein trend overlaps with one of the dominating food trends of 2018-2019 – the move towards plant-based eating. Veganism is on the rise and adding a plant-based burger to your menu will help you gain access to growing pool of health conscious consumers. If you’re not ready to take the leap, consider including vegetarian options with falafel, tofu, veggie-patties or grilling cheese instead of a regular patty.


Breakfast burgers

Yes, McDonalds has been serving them for years, but now the breakfast or brunch burger has moved into more upscale restaurants and burger joints. Consumers are embracing burgers before noon, especially if it’s branded as a breakfast or brunch offering with eggs, hash browns and candied bacon. Some chefs even go as far as replacing the bun with waffles or pancakes and drizzling with syrup.


A wider world of cheese

Many burger chefs swear by American cheese, but as demand for exciting taste experiences rises, a range of new cheeses have found their way to the classic burger. Matured cheddar, blue cheese, Danish havarti, goat cheese and brie are some of the top choices right now. The alternative cheeses give you a great platform for storytelling and allows you to demand a premium for the burger.


A world of flavour

Global flavours have been a top food trends for a couple of years. Not least in the world of burgers, where restaurants use regional ingredients to create delicious thematic burgers. Asian, American, Mexican, Italian or Nordic. The themes can help you differentiate your menu from competitors and give you a chance to flex your culinary muscles. FYI: The right choice of cheese can help you nail the theme, e.g. French brie, American cheddar, Danish Havarti – just to name a few.