Bakery Pro Series
04 March 2024

Bakery Pro Series

Get creative and inspired by our professional baker and pastry chef Benjamin Brik. Here, he will provide you with tips, guidance, and recipes for some of the most popular and delicious Danish pastry.

“Classic Danish Pastry with Lemon Custard”, by Chef Benjamin Birk

Discover the secret to making the Spandauer, a classic and universally loved Danish pastry. In this video, Chef Benjamin Birk takes you on a step-by-step guide in creating this beautiful and popular crispy sweet treat. Arla Pro butter is used in the laminated dough. The dough is then shaped, filled with vanilla lemon custard and finished with lemon peppercorn glaze.

Learn how Benjamin makes one of the most traditional Danish pastries, Spandauer – and makes sure the pastry is both crispy, creamy, and delicious.

“Craquelin Choux Pastry with Rhubarb Compote and Cream Cheese”, by Chef Benjamin Birk

Learn how to make this inspired take on a beloved European sweet treat. Benjamin Birk shows how to elevate a traditional Choux Pastry with Craquelin, a crunchy cracked topping. Filling it with Rhubarb Compote and Arla Pro Cream Cheese 34%, the end result is a light and airy crispy pastry oozing with a delicious and creamy filling with just the right amount of tartness.

Watch Benjamin guide you through the process of making the sweet and crackly Craquelin Choux pastry using dairy products such as Cream Cheese and Whipping Cream from Arla Pro.

"A Modern Twist to Traditional Cinnamon Swirls", by Chef Benjamin Birk

Discover how quality dairy plays a huge role in making this traditional Danish Pastry. Tasty and delicious, join Chef Benjamin Birks as he guide you with the fundamentals of making his version of Cinnamon Rolls with an updated twist brought to you by Arla Pro dairy products. In this course, Benjamin uses the Arla Pro Butter in the dough and remonce.

Get the best tips and a meticulous step-by-step guide to crafting the soft and sweet cinnamon swirl using Arla Pro Butter and our High Stability Cream.

"Tebirkes With Sesame Seeds", by Chef Benjamin Birk

Terbikes are traditional Danish Pastries formed by laminating the dough with butter and filling it with Remonce. Rich, golden and flaky, the secret to mastering this pastry is down to top quality dairy ingredients as Chef Benjamin Birk demonstrates with Arla Pro High Stability Cream 35%, Arla Pro Cream Cheese 34% and Arla Pro Butter.

The rich and flaky tebirkes is a Danish pastry classic. In this video, Benjamin will guide you through how to make tebirkes from scratch – and how to give it a modern and unique twist.

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Learn more about the dairy products that Benjamin uses in his recipes.

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Whipping Cream High Stability 35%, 1L

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Natural Cream Cheese, 1.8kg

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