Shape of the Bakery Market
20 February 2024

Shape of the Bakery Market

In recent years we’ve seen a real shift in bakery towards catering for varied and individual dietary needs, meeting the needs of the ‘Balancers’ in new ways not previously seen. From immunity-boosting foods containing antioxidants to raw, matcha-filled and protein-packed sweet ‘treats’ – and not forgetting that the demand for gluten-free certainly hasn’t waned.

Research from Mintel suggests that there are some geographical variances in the current market:

  • Across Asia-Pacific (APAC) producers are innovating with novel flavours and texture combinations as well as with natural and colourful inclusions like seeds, spices and vegetables .
  • In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the focus is more on natural, organic and non-processed ingredients that offer positive nutritional credentials. More bakers are also using eco-friendly packaging, while others are supporting local communities and championing the use of renewable energy and upcycled ingredients.


...and what could the next 2 years hold?

The next two years will be all about creating more emotional connections with your customers. This might manifest in a number of ways, so consider what’s best for your baking style and business:

Social sharing

Mintel suggest that the bakery experience extends beyond taste and can empower people to connect via shared experiences on social media. For professional bakers and pâtissiers, consider how to create ‘instagrammable’ moments with customers through sensory elements such as colour, texture and aroma.

Caring for the planet

Sustainability has never been in such sharp focus as consumers want to know where and how their food is made. Bakeries that can carefully pick their suppliers, and market this fact, can capitalise on this. Consider sourcing ingredients with claims such as Fairtrade, organic, natural, sustainably sourced and traceable.

Multi-sensorial experiences

Consumers are looking for an escape from the ordinary when they buy baked goods, including items that they could not easily replicate at home. Consider exotic flavourings and unexpected fillings, or tapping into the rich aroma of seasonal spices to create impact even before the first bite. Hybrid formats will also remain popular carriers of multiple textures and tastes: think anything from chouxnuts and crookies to crogels, doughscuits and brookies!

Want more inspiration?

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