The Latest Pizza Trends
25 March 2024

The Latest Pizza Trends

Explore some of the most dominating pizza trends right now to add increasingly experimental flavours, textures and visual appeal to your pizza arsenal.

In recent years we’ve seen the nation’s love for pizza grow even further, operators around the UK are coming up with innovative ways to make their pizza stand out from the crowd.

Whilst authentic Italian classics such as margherita and pepperoni will always be a firm favourite, consumers are becoming more adventurous and are willing to try more experimental flavour toppings and bases.

We can help you freshen up your new dishes, by incorporating some up-and-coming trends without a complete menu overhaul. Explore the top pizza trends below.

Pizza by the slice

Changes in routines and habits have driven a +4.9% increase in visits YoY, with many OOH visits favouring lunch and snack occasions, creating greater competition between operators as they focus on value and experience. Customers are shaking up the way they consume pizza, including the quantity. For quick service restaurants offering lunch menus, pizza by the slice can help tap into a new audience and ensure customers keep coming back.
Pizza served by the slice

Detroit style pizza

Detroit style pizza has been a rising trend for the past few years, with 38% of consumers looking to try the thicker format. Using a thicker base with the sauce and ingredients reaching the very edge means you can serve smaller portions of Detroit style pizza whilst leaving customers fuller for longer.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods have been a big trend in the food landscape for a while and now we're seeing the trend stretch into pizza trends. Using fermented foods such as kombucha or kimchi on pizza not only gives it a unique taste but is also proven to aid in gut health thanks to the beneficial bacteria.
Fermented foods on pizza both have health and flavour benefits

Alternative flour

Flour alternatives are becoming a huge pizza trend in 2023, with allergies to wheat increasingly prevalent in the modern day. Healthier alternatives such as rice, chickpea and almond flour are growing in usage, creating the opportunity for pizza operators to explore different flavour combinations whilst appealing to a new consumer group. 43% of consumers strongly agree that they will continue to prioritise healthier food options, even with a reduction in their disposable income.

Creating Visual Appeal

According to global trend forecasters WGSN, there has been significant growth in pizzaiolos using dramatic visual effects to increase interest, fame and sales of their pizzas via Instagram. Here are the key trends that are making their way from pizza ovens to newsfeeds:

Pizza using colors from ingredients to increase visual appeal

Airy dough

Known as ‘Pizza canotto’ (Italian for a round inflatable raft with a large raised edge), pizzaiolos are increasingly touting large, airy, long-fermented doughs. Flour maker Caputo has even brought out a new flour known as ‘Nuvola’, which allows for faster fermentation and higher hydration in order to speed the process along.

Dazzling toppings

Innovative eating experiences are attracting audiences interested in discovering something new from familiar ingredients and dishes. From ‘ronicups’ created by natural casing pepperoni (which curl, creating pools of spicy oil that make the pizza delicious and Instagrammable) to the use of fresh fruit and flowers to create colourful masterpieces – chefs are pushing the boundaries of creativity by using pizza as a canvas.

Californian food influencer Lily Morello is taking a fresh look at pizza, topping it with seasonal fruits resulting in beautifully colourful and unique creations. Reflective of her on-going goal to “make carbs look pretty”, Lily’s pizzas are undoubtedly Instagrammable.

Big crusts

Pizza is no stranger to the stuffed cheese crust, but innovators – largely in Asia – are experimenting with everything from customisable crusts including hash browns and egg tart. In Japan, Aoki’s pizza chain features hot dog-stuffed, oozing cheese crusts on their menu, whilst in Indonesia, Pizza Hut launched a Dim Sum pizza with fried dim sum packets incorporated in the crust.

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