Pinsa: A Contemporary Twist on Rome's Culinary Scene
22 March 2022

Pinsa: A Contemporary Twist on Rome's Culinary Scene

In Rome, a pizza variant called "pinsa" offers a fresh take on the classic Italian dish. Pinsa, with its unique blend of flours and innovative toppings, is not just a pizza, it's a canvas for culinary exploration, capturing the attention of both pizza enthusiasts and chefs alike.

What is pinsa?

Pinsa is a very specific style of rustic Roman pizza. The name comes from ‘pinsere’, which means to stretch.

The base of a pinsa pizza is made by pressing the dough flat with your fingertips to give the base a more cloud-like look. Basically, pinsa is a sort of focaccia that you top with all sorts of beautiful ingredients.

The base is light, airy and full of bubbles. This type of pizza is popping up on the menus of innovative pizza places all over World.

The pinsa difference

What sets pinsa apart is its distinctive dough. A blend of wheat, soy, and rice flours gives pinsa its characteristic lightness and slightly thicker crust. The dough undergoes a prolonged fermentation process, resulting in a perfect harmony of crispiness and chewiness.

The oval-shaped base sets pinsa apart from the traditional round pizza, creating a canvas that encourages creativity in toppings and flavour combinations.

Crafting the perfect pinsa

For pizza chefs, pinsa opens up a world of possibilities. Experimenting with various flours and fermentation times allows you to tailor the dough to your liking, creating a signature texture and taste. The slightly thicker crust of pinsa provides an ideal foundation for a lot of different toppings.

From classic choices like margherita to innovative combinations featuring locally sourced ingredients, as a pizza chef, you can showcase your culinary skills through this versatile pizza.

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