Micro trends for pub operators
09 May 2024

Micro trends for pub operators

From economic pressures to technological integration, consumer demands and even seasonal menu engineering, we’ve identified the key macro trends with practical tips for you to implement in your pub kitchen today.

Economic and operational pressures

Trend insight: Pubs are countering economic challenges, including the rising costs that impact the essential pub cheese dishes on your menu.

Operational tip: Make your operations more cost-effective with energy-efficient solutions and a streamlined menu, featuring versatile Arla Pro cheeses for efficiency and waste reduction such as Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella.


Global flavours & health consciousness

Trend Insight: Customers want a mix of global flavours and healthier dining options, with a rising demand for dishes featuring quality pub cheeses.

Operational tip: Blend diverse, health focused offerings into your menu, spotlighting Arla Pro cheese for their quality and versatility, aligning with sustainable pub trends.


Technological integration:

Trend insight: Tech is changing the game, from how orders are placed to how menus are marketed.

Operational tip: Use technology to enhance the pub dining experience, streamline service, and attract a broad clientele with an up-to-date, innovative pub menu.


Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella 2kg (Sticks)

Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella 2kg (Sticks)

Arla Pro; made specifically for professional chefs & operators in mind. Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella has a delicious mild fresh taste with a light colour. A thicker cut size than grated (4x4x20mm) offering excellent melting, golden browning and high stretch, this solution is ideal for both dining-in and delivery.

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