Flavour trends for pub operators
09 May 2024

Flavour trends for pub operators

Comfort food with a twist

Flavour profile: Give pub classics a new lease of life with high- quality ingredients like Arla Pro cheese slices, tapping into innovative pub recipes.

Menu idea: Serve up gourmet burgers with premium cheese products for chefs, mixing traditional recipes with unexpected flavours for a new twist on pub favourites.


Fusion cuisine

Flavour profile: Merge different cultural flavours for a vibrant new take on your menu, using popular pub cheeses.

Menu idea: Try Korean BBQ tacos or Thai-spiced mozzarella sticks, featuring Arla Pro Cheeses to caption the fusion food trend.


Seasonal and local

Flavour profile: Use seasonal and local ingredients to tell a food story that resonates with community-focused dining trends.

Menu idea: Rotate dishes based on local produce availability, incorporating Arla Pro’s reliable cheese for consistent, high quality flavour.


Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella 2kg (Sticks)

Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella 2kg (Sticks)

Arla Pro; made specifically for professional chefs & operators in mind. Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella has a delicious mild fresh taste with a light colour. A thicker cut size than grated (4x4x20mm) offering excellent melting, golden browning and high stretch, this solution is ideal for both dining-in and delivery.

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