Discover the Lurpak® Range
01 January 2023

Discover the Lurpak® Range

Discover how Lurpak® can help elevate the cooking- and customer experience, and hear from succesfull chefs how Lurpak® have had an impact on their businesses.

Benefits of Lurpak® block butter

Lurpak® block butter is made from 100% fresh milk, with over 20 litres going into every kilo. We simply take the cream from the milk and churn until it turns into butter – and just add a pinch of salt along the way. That's it.

With its legendary subtlety and freshness, Lurpak® butter is perfect for all kinds of food adventures, be it baking, frying or finishing.

The lactic cultures in Lurpak® are interesting and different and make it a selling point to other butters. The more natural products there are, the better.

Steve Chapman, Head Chef at Olympia London

Benefits of Lurpak® spreadable

Lurpak® spreadable is simply made from fresh milk, salt, rapeseed oil and some water to make it easily spreadable. Perfect to use as the base of your sandwiches and top with loads of fresh and exciting ingredients.

The food-to-go market is worth an estimated £20bn, and sandwiches are the most popular product within the category, accounting for a 57% share of the market. Salads, in second place, made up only 10%. We consume 11.5bn sandwiches every year in the UK, and with weekday spending up 5.2% on last year the category continues its strength into 2020.

Lurpak® performed really well making hollandaise. It was effective under heat, clarified well and gave a good colour.

Ed Campbell, Head Chef at the Saint Arnold Group’s Lion Pub

Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted Butter 2kg

Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted Butter 2kg

Contains no palm oil, hydrogenated fats, artificial colourings, preservatives or other additives. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Benefits of Lurpak® portions

Lurpak® portions are made with 100% natural ingredients. Churned with the finest milk to create a delicious spreadable butter.

Exclusive research with hotel guests has revealed the importance of portions with breakfast and the quality and brand power of Lurpak®. Over three-quarters of guests have an individual butter, spread or margarine portion with their breakfasts – and Lurpak® is the preferred brand.

Lurpak® held its consistency and solidity well. When making scones it is really important that the butter goes in cold and Lurpak® kept its cool.

Jemima Giblin, owner of Leakers'

Lurpak Spreadable Portion 8g

Lurpak Spreadable Portion 8g

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Chef's put Lurpak® to the test!

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