Detroit Pizza: A must have addition to your menu
19 March 2024

Detroit Pizza: A must have addition to your menu

What’s trending in the world of pizza?

The pizza business is moving fast. Every year, new ideas, flavours and culinary influences inspire pizza makers to elevate their game. Innovation is on the menu and consumers are absolutely loving it.

We’ve gathered some of the biggest pizza trends from around the world*, covering both culinary movements and new business tactics, and every chapter is served with a side of inspiration, cooked up by some of the most innovative pizza chefs in the business.

From trending pizza formats such as Detroit or Calzone to showcasing unique flavours from different cultures such as kimchi, birra or miso, our pizza trend report has it covered.

What is Detroit Pizza?

Detroit Style pizza is a pan pizza originating from Detroit Michigan. Although a relatively new style of pizza, its roots go back to Sicilian style pan pizzas. Contrary to a preference for thin and crispy pizza, 35% of individuals aged 35-45* are more inclined to sample the crispy and thick rectangular pizza compared to other age demographics.


Gen Z are embracing the fusion food craze, looking for meals that offer unique experiences and exploring new flavours. Introduce new culinary experiences to your menu through various cuisines. Ingredients from Asian, Mexican, and African cultures have surged in popularity*, aligning perfectly with the preferences of Gen Z.

Meet Dan Hall, Mozzafella

We’ve teamed up with Dan Hall from Mozzafella to bring you 2 Detroit pizza recipes, deviating from the conventional Neapolitan pizza to bring you an alternate pizza style. Dan started Mozzafella back in 2017 and what originally started as one man and his kitchen has grown over the years, building a reputation as an award winning chef in the pizza landscape.


Watch a step by step video of Dan Hall aka Mozzafella create his mouth watering Birra Detroit Pizza – the perfect blend of two cuisine’s coming together to create a delicious Detroit pizza.

When it comes to pizza trends, this is just the start, with more pizza makers turning to foraged ingredients and new formats than ever before. From sustainable ingredients to freezing dairy, see all the upcoming pizza trends in our pizza trend report, available to download now.

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