Arla Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk 1L

ID: 38529 1x1 L

Arla - strength comes from within. Arla Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk – convenient, versatile and carefully processed to retain its natural goodness, this milk offers a balanced taste with reduced fat content at less than 2%. With its ultra-high temperature treatment, this milk boasts an extended shelf life and can be stored at room temperature before opening. Best served chilled - tastes delicious in tea and coffee. No artificial colours or preservatives and suitable for vegetarians. Farmer Owned and Red Tractor certified.

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Arla Long Life Semi Skimmed Milk 1L

Product information

1 L


Kcal 47.65 kcal
kJ 206 kJ
Fat 1.65 g
Saturated fat 0.95 g
Carbohydrate 4.7 g
Sugar 4.7 g
Protein 3.5 g
Salt 0.1 g
Calcium 120 g