Arla® Organic

Arla Organic UHT Milk Low Fat 1,5%

ID: 86094 10x1 liter

Arla is the world’s largest organic milk producer our organic milk provides you with all the natural goodness, vitamins and minerals. Arla Organic Low-fat (1.5%) UHT milk is made of fresh, top-quality, organic, Danish milk from 100% European Organic Certified Farms. We believe that happy cows provide healthier milk and we believe in sustainable milk production. Arla Organic UHT milk has a delicious creamy taste, smooth consistency and white colour. Made with a handy screw cap, to reseal after opening, keeping the milk fresh and delicious just how it should be.

Arla Organic UHT Milk Low Fat 1,5%

Product information

Organic Low Fat milk, Vitamin A and D
Max temp.: 25 °C


Kcal 46 kcal
kJ 193 kJ
Fat 1,5 g
Saturated fat 1 g
Carbohydrate 4,6 g
Sugar 4,6 g
Protein 3,4 g