The Chef's Hub
15 May 2020

The Chef's Hub

Discover some of our exciting collaborations with some seriously talented chefs from all around the professional food industry in the UK.

Meet our chefs

We created Arla Pro to bring dairy expertise, quality and taste to professional chefs around the world and to help our chefs succeed in the world of hospitality. Everything we do is tailored for the creatives in the kitchen, whether it’s developing cheese with the perfect melting capability, shine and flavour or testing the milk that can give the most exceptional, fresh-tasting, silky froth.

Read on to meet some of the talented chefs, we collaborate with.

Our in-house chefs

At Arla, we have in-house chefs with vast experience from different areas of the professional food industry.

Jason Calcutt - Commercial Executive Chef - Arla

Jason’s training in top five-star hotels, award-winning restaurants & gastro pubs have served as valuable experience for further adventures in the food business from developing innovative products for most of the major retailers to working with Suppliers inspiring Chefs across UK food service to be creative with the best ingredients from around the world. Jason was inspired by Arla’s innovative approach & mission to work on behalf of the Farmers for a natural & sustainable future. He will be driving innovation and working closely with Chefs in all sectors to find creative natural dairy menu solutions for their culinary needs.
Jason Calcutt, Commercial Executive Chef at Arla

Andy Bacon – Snr. Global Culinary Lead - Arla

Andy was classically trained as a chef, his background has seen him work in various different foodservice and retail facing culinary roles with cross-category experience in all sectors spanning - hotels, restaurants, contract catering, cost sector, food manufacturing, foodservice & retail and working closely with QSR, Pubs, Casual Dining customers. In February of 2020 he took the leap of faith and joined Arla where he saw a huge amount of opportunity for the growth of the brand and the business and was instantly drawn in by the great products, the diverse portfolio, the ambition and people culture.  Amongst other key focus areas, Andy will oversee, guide and support the Global Arla chef network and continue to play on his strengths and learn from the vastly skilled and experienced team around him.
Andy Bacon, Snr. Global Culinary Lead at Arla

Collaborations with pizza chefs

Check out our collaborations with acclaimed pizzaiolo's across the UK.

Nick Julian at Simpatico

Nick Julian is an experienced pizzaiolo. Having trained and developed his skills in Rome, he knows a thing or two about pizza. Simpatico is based in the centre of Leeds and offers a menu full of traditional, authentic pizza by the slice.

Watch this video where Nick assesses our mozzarella product:

Nick's recommended products

Arla Pro Large Diced Mozzarella 2kg

Arla Pro Large Diced Mozzarella 2kg

A thicker cut size for a slower melt, allows the pizza base to fully cook through. Once cooked it resembles softer mozzarella formats such as buffalo, burrata and fior di latte. Arla Pro Large Diced Mozzarella’s low moisture content allows the pizza to be cooked more evenly, giving a crispy base and a golden crust. A 10x10mm cut size makes it the perfect solution for operators who use super-hot pizza ovens.

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Arla Pro Mozzarella Large Shredded 2kg

Arla Pro Large Shredded Mozzarella 2kg

Thicker cut size than grated, ensures even coverage with an even melt. The thicker cut size makes it perfect for delivery, retaining opacity as it’s transported from kitchen to consumer. A 4x4x20mm cut sizes means more stretch on the cheese once cooked. Retention of colour/opacity means you don’t need to overload with cheese to achieve the desired result.

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Yasar Mohammed at The Big Pizza

Yasar Mohammed is the owner of The Big Pizza, the independent, family-run, casual-dining pizzeria located in Birmingham. It serves authentic Italian-style pizza daily using only quality ingredients.

Watch this video where Yasar talks about the importance of using the best pizza cheese:

Mark Young at Sela Bar

Mark Young works among the talented team of chefs and pizzaiolos at Sela Bar in Leeds. This restaurant offers homemade, hand-pulled, stone-baked pizza every day.

Watch this video where Mark puts our mozzarella product to the test:

Mark Baber at Wood Fire Dine

Mark is the co-owner of Wood Fire Dine, an artisan pizzeria based in Leeds and winner of Pizza Chef of the Year, 2019. Mark and his team pride themselves on their authentic hand-making processes and commitment to quality and excellence in pizza.

Watch this video of Mark talking about how to be a pro at pizza delivery:

Collaborations with burger chefs

Check out our collaborations with burger chefs in the UK.

Pas Loucaides at Cut + Grind

Pas is the owner of the popular burger restaurant Cut + Grind located in Kings Cross, London. Cut+Grind is a favourite for the fresh ingredients prepared in house daily.
Pas Loucaides, Cut + Grind

Dan Batchelor at Flying Cows Burgers

Dan is the owner of the popular trendy burger joint located in Birmingham. Flying Cows is a favourite for serving up tall, messy stacks with big flavour.

Watch this video where Dan puts our mozzarella product to the test:

Dan's recommended products

Arla Pro Mild Coloured Cheddar Cheese Slices 1kg

Arla Pro Mild Coloured Cheddar Cheese Slices 1kg

With a smooth & creamy flavour and cut to the perfect thickness, these tasty cheddar slices are perfect for burgers and sandwiches. Farmer owned - care in every step, from cow to you Arla’s award winning Cheddars are finely crafted in timeless fashion at our traditional British creameries.

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Tom Hope at Stripclub Streetfood

Tom Hope is the owner and chef at Stripclub Streetfood, a new business that is only in its first year of trading yet has already made its mark. People flock to the iconic food truck for their fix on a messy burger.
Tom Hope, Stripclub Streetfood

Other chef collaborations

Our collaborations don't stop there - we are continously collaborating with chefs from different segments of the hospitality industry in the UK. Read on to meet a couple of them.

Ruth Hansom at The Princess of Shoreditch

Darlington Born, Ruth Hansom moved to London to pursue her love of cooking at just aged 15 and has proved unstoppable in her pursuit of success. She trained at Westminster College Kingsway and was mentored by Master of the Culinary Arts, Frederick Forster. Since then, she had secured positions at the Boundary Restaurant, Pomonas, and The Ritz. Ruth's culinary talent and ability to stay composed in a highly tense environment has lead to her winning a plethora of awards. However, 2017 marked one of the most defining moments in her career, as she took the title of the first woman to be crowned 'Young Chef of the Year'. Ruth's flourishing culinary career continues as she has now joined the team as Head Chef at The Princess of Shoreditch restaurant in east London.
Ruth Hansom, The Princess of Shoreditch

Rich Henderson at The Cornish Arms

Rich currently Chefs at The Cornish Arms in Tavistock which serves great tasting food with little fuss, classic combinations and lots of flavour. Rich had his big break back in 2019 when he was awarded Young Chef of the Year UK winner, since this achievement many amazing opportunities have been presented to Rich, including the opportunity to judge the eagerly awaited Young Chef Yung Waiter competition which took place in July 2021.
Rich Henderson, The Cornish Arms

Laurence Tottingham - Development Chef at Revolution Bars Group

Development Chef winner of the Craft Guild of chefs and Michelin starred Chef Laurence Tottingham has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years. Laurence Tottingham is now Development Chef at Revolution Bars Group, creating a great taste experience for guests up and down the country.
Laurence Tottingham, Development Chef at Revolution Bars Group

Neil Campbell at Rovi

Neil John Campbell is the Head Chef of Rovi, Fitrovia, part of the Ottolenghi Group. Champion of sustainable cooking and farm to fork theory. Aside from his full-time responsibilities in Rovi, Neil enjoys regular farm & supplier visits to gain practical and insider knowledge of the origin of every ingredient. He boasts his very own kitchen garden complete with composting, advocating the importance of soil health and a wasteless lifestyle. Neil has been in commercial kitchens for over 15 years and has enjoyed working with some of the best in the business: Roy Brett, Paul Kitching, Bruno Loubet, Raymond Blanc, and Yotam Ottolenghi, to name a few! Growing up on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, watching his Grandad fish for Langoustines and his Father hunt for deer; this rural Scottish lifestyle gave Neil invaluable insight and a natural connection with food and where it comes from.

Watch this recipe, created by Neil in collaboration with Arla® Pro:

Jake Mills, Independent Chef, Casual Dining

Jake's interest in food and cooking all started at a very young age, as he began to learn more, this sparked a real passion and he went on to begin his culinary career. In the early stages of Jake's career, he began working at The Bookshop restaurant in Hereford, it was here when he realised the responsibility chefs have to promote and practise eco-friendly cooking techniques. During the pandemic, Jake has been learning some extra skills and has begun experimenting in fermentation with ingredients such as krauts, kimchi, vinegar and kombucha. And in light of the difficult circumstances, Jake has supported the conversation around mental health and is now an Ambassador for The Burnt Chef Project, a charity that focuses on helping people in the industry with their mental health.

Watch this recipe, created by Jake in collaboration with Arla® Pro:

Jesse Dunford Wood at Parlour

Jesse Dunford Wood, owner and patron of the Parlour in Kensal Green, London. Jesse is a true expert in modern British food, serving up epic brunches and Sunday lunches.

Watch this video where Jesse talks about the importance of using quality butter:

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