Veggie Lover

Veggie Lover
    For the sweet potato cream:
  • Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and fry in olive oil. Add a little water and cook for at least 20 minutes, covered.
  • Drain the potatoes, toss into a blender and blend smooth. Pass through a sieve. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add cumin or nutmeg if desired.
  • For the sweet potato balls:
  • Scoop out small balls of sweet potato with a small spoon. Cook them in water, simmering for 7 minutes and then place in ice cold water to stop cooking.
  • For the sweet potato chips:
  • With a mandoline slicer, finely cut around 20 slices of chips. Brush all slices with oil.
  • Preheat oven to 180°C. Place the thin slices of sweet potatoes on a baking sheet covered with a sheet of baking paper. Season with salt and bake for about 7 minutes, stop earlier if the chips brown too much.
  • For the radish leaf pesto:
  • Separate the 80 g of radish leaves from the radishes. Blanch in simmering water for a maximum of 30 seconds and then plunge into ice water. Dry well.
  • Toss into a blender with 50 ml olive oil, half a clove of garlic and juice of half a lemon. Blend and add more olive oil if too thick. Season with salt to taste.
  • For the pickled red onions:
  • Cut 2 onions quite finely with a mandoline slicer.
  • In a saucepan, add 300 g of water, 300 g of vinegar cider, 25 g brown sugar and 10 g coarse salt.
  • Heat and boil for 5 minutes. In a glass jar, add the chopped onions, pour the mixture on top. Add a bay leaf, thyme, coriander seeds and pepper. Refrigerate for 24 hours.
  • For the radish carpaccio:
  • Finely slice the pink or purple radishes into 10 nice slices.
  • For the pizza:
  • Stretch your dough and add an even layer of sweet potato cream, mozzarella and sweet potato balls.
  • Bake the pizza at 400°C for 90-120 seconds in a professional pizza oven. Straight out of the oven, add the radish carpaccio, radish leaf pesto, sweet potato chips and fresh lambs lettuce. For a finishing touch, add white cheese cubes and serve up.