Nordic cuisine with Middle Eastern flavours
Meet Anas and Ahmed from Denmark

Nordic cuisine with Middle Eastern flavours

Brothers Anas and Ahmed Amin run a successful chain of takeaway restaurants in Aarhus, Denmark. The two have gained success among Danish food lovers with their unique ability to fuse the Middle Eastern street kitchen with new Nordic cuisine. Get inspired by the two Danes’ unique recipes for pizzas, developed specifically for Arla® Pro.

Recipes with Middle Eastern heritage and local Nordic ingredients

Anas and Ahmed use their Middle Eastern heritage to introduce Danes to modern interpretations of traditional recipes, transformed into flavourful pizzas.

Among the recipes curated specifically for Arla® Pro are pizzas featuring Middle Eastern favourites like shawarma, lahmacun, and sucuk, along with characteristic spices such as cumin, parsley, coriander, and za’atar.

Other recipes offer a distinctive Nordic twist by incorporating familiar local ingredients into the mix, such as mushrooms, kale, and salmon.

The result is pizzas with a delicious and unique blend of flavours. Explore examples of their recipes below.