Traditional Oven
24 April 2020

Traditional Oven

The traditional oven, used for thousands of years. Traditional or brick ovens consist of a heated baking chamber with a fire-proof stone/brick/clay base to cook the pizza on. Unlike other ovens, traditional ovens work by absorbing the heat in the base/walls of the chamber and cooking food on contact.

Generally these ovens cook at extremely hot temperatures to produce a crispy base, which means you need a cheese which melts slowly to prevent burning and allow the base to fully cook.

Artisanal Experts

If you’re working with a traditional oven, you are a artisanal expert which is highly skilled back of house striving to differentiate and stay relevant in a highly crowded market. Artisanal experts work with oven types that add value, authenticity and quality of their pizza.


When cooking pizza in a traditional super-hot oven, it’s important to find a cheese which melts slowly enough to let the base cook without burning. Romana and Neapolitan pizzas also need a low coverage cheese for an authentic appearance.

At Arla Pro, we have the perfect mozzarella solution for you.

Mozzarella block 2.3kg

Perfect for pizza purists, a versatile product that can be used across the menu, ideal for customisation to create a bespoke blend/shape and authentic looking pizza.

Key benefits:

  • Perfect for creating an irregular cut to replicate softer mozzarella

  • Can be mixed with local/artisanal cheese to create an individual blend

  • Shape and size works with industrial graters or can be grated by hand

Find the product here.