The Importance of Dairy in Patisserie: Yi-Hsi Lee
16 April 2020

The Importance of Dairy in Patisserie: Yi-Hsi Lee

A Pastry Chef’s Point of View

With an established career as a Pastry Chef and years of experience in Artistic Sugar, Lee is a highly-respected professional in Taiwan’s patisserie scene. Currently plying his trade in Treasure Foods Co Ltd, as its Pastry Technical Manager, Lee is using his expertise to provide his clients with in-depth knowledge of the company’s wide variety of fine European F&B products, services and culinary concepts. Here, Lee provides his insights on the importance of dairy in the sinfully delicious world of patisserie.

By using Arla, I can present a natural and premium taste without too much ‘additional ingredients or flavour enhancements’ in my creations. This is an important element when it comes to desserts as 70% of the taste comes from the ingredient itself.

Yi-Hsi Lee