Frequently Asked Questions About Our Whipping Cream
22 May 2024

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Whipping Cream

Get answers to all the common questions about our whipping cream.

1. What is whipping cream made of?

Arla Whipping cream is made of cream and if extra functionality is needed, natural stabilisers are added.

2. How long is the shelf life of whipping cream?

In Arla we have fresh whipping cream with 7-10 days shelf life and whipping cream for longer distances and extended shelf lives 3-12 months.

3. How long can I keep Arla Whipping Cream once it has been opened?

We recommend 4-5 days after opening.

4. What is the optimal temperature of the cream before whipping?

The optimal temperature before whipping is 2-4ºC. If the cream is around 8ºC, it will get bad and there will be a higher drip off. Above 12ºC it will not really whip any longer.

5. Do you have any organic whipping cream in your assortment?

Yes, we have organic whipping cream in our assortment.

6. Do you have lactose free whipping cream in your assortment?

Yes, we have lactose free whipping cream in our assortment.

7. What happens to cream when it has been frozen?

When liquid cream is being frozen the “water” will turn into crystal form. The crystals will break the emulsion (simply explained). The freezing of cream will also cause a gradual precipitation of the caseinate system and an immediate destruction of the fat emulsion.

8. Is cream still whippable when it has been frozen?

Freezing destabilizes cream. When thawing you risk the cream separating (with water on one side and fat on the other). It can be possible to whip frozen cream depending on the speed and time of freezing and de-frosting (will not happen in a normal kitchen). Frozen cream will always give a lower overrun if it is possible to whip.

9. If I want to add something to my whipping cream, how much and when?

No clear answer here, it all depends on what will be blended in the cream and the physical form and kinetics of the substance (ingredients) added.

10. If I add raspberry purée to my whipping cream, can I still whip it?

Yes and no, depending on how high the dosages are. The acidity can make the protein precipitate and then it will destroy the emulsion. If a higher dosage is added this will also lower the total fat percentage, and it is the crystalized fat that is binding the air in the whipped foam and is responsible for stability of the foam. So, less fat less stability.

11. Do you have a plant-based cream in your portfolio?

No, but we are always working on developing new products to meet the needs of our customers.

12. What would be the best way to freeze it and thaw it?

The best way will always be to freeze it as fast and as low in temperature as possible (-24 is better than -18°C).  Freeze the carton with as much air circulation as possible around the single carton, so that it will freeze faster. In a normal freezer it will never be possible to chock freeze it. Thaw the cream slowly in the cooler at 5°C in 24 hours.

13. What can I add to my cream to keep it whippable and how much?

Addition of emulsifiers. Some of the suppliers in the bakery industry supply compounds/α-gels to give stability and prolong the whipping window.

14. How low can the fat% of the total mixture be to keep it whippable?

Down to 28-30% milk fat. The lower fat% the softer whipped cream and less stability.

15. If I do cold infusion with for example coffee beans overnight in the fridge will that have any effect on the whippability?

The coffee beans will be sieved away. The only challenge we see is if the beans are very acidic. This could change the proteins and make the cream a little thicker and probably provide a lower overrun.

16. When I do hot infusion, where I boil the cream and accordingly add coffee beans letting it infuse for some time, strain and cool it overnight in the fridge. Will that have any effect on the whippability?

Yes certainly, the heat will affect both the protein and the fat. Protein will denature and fat will recrystallize in a different form so it will be difficult to whip. But if chocolate or another fatty compound is added it can be whipped to a denser foam.

17. Can I make whipped cream ahead of time and store it in the fridge?

No, It will collapse, and we cannot give any estimated time on when it will collapse. It depends on the freshness of the cream and probably also on the season when cows are on grass.

18. Can you somehow rescue/fix over beaten whipped cream?

No, overwhipped cream have gone to the creaming stage, emulsion is destroyed, and the fat globules are linked together.

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