Deck Oven
24 April 2020

Deck Oven

Deck pizza ovens offer the same flexibility as brick ovens in their style and are slightly easier to use, but they still require a lot of skill and constant monitoring, so they tend to have a longer cooking time than conveyors.

As speed of service isn’t always a priority with this oven, a cheese with a slightly slower melt compared to conveyor ovens will work best – but it depends on your style!

Everyday Heroes

If you’re working with a deck oven, you are an everyday hero, focusing on high quality consistent pizzas, working in limited space or where higher out-put is needed.

An everyday hero uses fresh, unprocessed ingredients striving to meet customer demand in a timely manor


When using a deck oven for these particular styles of pizza, we recommend you work with quality mozzarella with a slower melt to achieve the best result possible. At Arla Pro, we have the perfect mozzarella solution for you.

Mozzarella block 2.3kg

Perfect for pizza purists, a versatile product that can be used across the menu, ideal for customisation to create a bespoke blend/shape and authentic looking pizza.

Key benefits:

  • Perfect for creating an irregular cut to replicate softer mozzarella

  • Can be mixed with local/artisanal cheese to create an individual blend

  • Shape and size works with industrial graters or can be grated by hand

Find the product here.

Large shreds mozzarella 2kg

Thicker cut size of our regular shredded, this mozzarella ensures even coverage with an even melt

Key benefits:

  • Perfect for delivery, retaining opacity as its transported from kitchen to consumer

  • A 4x4x20mm cut size means more stretch on the cheese once cooked

  • Retention of colour/opacity means you don’t need to overload with cheese to achieve the desired result on delivery

Find the product here.