You've Captured the Perfect Pizza Image
13 November 2023

You've Captured the Perfect Pizza Image

Now here’s how to get it seen on social.

Beautiful images are only half the story. Once you’ve nailed your photography, you want to ensure that your posts are reaching your desired audience at the right time and with the right message. To help get you started, our social media experts have shared their top tips on how to get the most from your social posts.

Start by following our tips for writing a great caption

1. Establish your tone of voice

First things first, you need to establish the tone of voice of your brand. Consider how you would like to come across to your audience: would you like to add an element of humour to your posts, or would you prefer to keep it more professional? Once this is defined, you can go on to write strong supporting copy.

2. Consider the objective and target audience

Once your tone of voice is established, consider your market and audience: what is the aim of your copy? What is it your audience wants to hear about? Is your aim to raise awareness, entertain or inspire? This will help you to define the aim which will aid you in adding value to the copy you are writing.

Tip: Use the image you’ve captured to your advantage and channel the same type of emotion, idea, or information from the image into your supporting copy.


3. Think about where it’s going

Always consider which social media platform you are using and adjust your copy accordingly. This includes researching any character limitations. For example on Twitter, your post caption can only be 280 characters long, whereas Facebook and Instagram support longer-form captions.

4. Get writing!

When beginning your copy, use a strong headline to capture your audience’s attention. You can do this by using questions, for example. People love to share their own experiences and opinions, so this is a fantastic way to boost engagement.

Keep it short and sweet as a rule – people are busy, so avoid being too long-winded. Social media should never be too formal, as it is a digital space for people to connect and for conversation and education. So make sure your copy is inviting, personable and adds value to your audience. This will invite them to engage with you and your brand character will really shine through.

Finally, make sure your post has a clear call to action: if your post aims to drive the audience to your website, or towards a certain recipe or deal, be clear about that.