Early Morning Pizza
13 November 2023

Early Morning Pizza

When we talk about the early morning pizza trend, we aren’t talking about your left over takeaway. No, this is the breakfast pizza revolution. At first thought, you may think of this to be an extremely unhealthy option, however it may turn out to be healthier than imagined.

Italy, home of the pizza. Now, pizza is understood as a completely different culinary concept in Italy compared to other areas where it’s widely consumed. There are different pizzas for different times of the day and the morning pizza consists of healthy carbs and is often made with rye flour instead of wheat.

It could be that the love for brunch is spilling into the weekdays, the ease of taking breakfast on-the-go, or that breakfast is becoming an all-day affair, but this trend is proving to be timeless.

The use of eggs, meat, and gruyere is just one recipe to cater to this audience; there are hundreds of ways of creating a breakfast pizza.

Create one that is unique to your concept and mix up your menu!