Explore our cream cheese universe

Explore our cream cheese universe

At Arla Pro, we're experts in cream cheese. With years of experience crafting the finest cream cheese products, we curate cream cheese recipes to ignite creativity in pastry chefs and baking professionals. Explore our cream cheese products and recipes right here on this page.

Great taste created for bakers

Cream cheese is a great addition for baking professionals and pastry chefs, when you want to elevate both taste and texture in baked goods and desserts. Our cream cheese products are developed in close collaboration with baking professionals to secure a superior and tasty product.

You can browse this page to get more knowledge and inspiration about how to use cream cheese in your baking and desserts.

How our cream cheese is produced

Curios about our cream cheese products? Get insights into how our quality cream cheese is made in the video below.


Try our cream cheese blend, Frost & Bake

Experience the convenience of Arla Pro Frost & Bake for effortlessly creating delicious cheesecakes and flawless frosting. Crafted in close partnership with professional bakers, Arla Pro Frost & Bake provides the perfect balance of mild taste, smooth texture, and improved functionality. Keep your customers delighted and boost kitchen efficiency with this innovative solution.

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Crispy Choux with Cream Cheese Cream and Apricot Jelly

Hit play and witness Majka from the Danish National Pastry Team skillfully crafting choux and apricot jelly, seamlessly blended with cream cheese cream to create a sumptuous and visually stunning dessert.