Frappuccino Coffee, 250ml

ID: 49820 8x250 ml

Frappuccino Coffee low fat coffee drink doesn't get more original than Starbucks® Frappuccino Coffee. A delicious blend of Starbucks® Arabica coffee and creamy low fat milk. A decadent little number in one single ready-to-drink bottle! Can be enjoyed in the outlet or on the go.
Frappuccino Coffee

1.5% fat semi skimmed milk (75%), Starbucks® Arabica coffee (water, coffee extract) (18.8%), sugar (6%), natural coffee flavouring, acidity regulator (potassium carbonates)
: 25 °C
250 ml

63 kcal
267 kJ
0.8 g
1.2 g
10 g
10 g
2.8 g
<0 g