Arla® Skyr

Arla Skyr Sour Cherry 150g

ID: 54864

Fat free. Reduced sugar. High protein. Contains no artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for vegetarians. For hundreds of years Icelanders have enjoyed the nutritious benefits of skyr (pronounced 'skee-er') as part of their daily diet. Carefully strained to create a delicious, silky texture, it's low in fat, reduced sugar, but high in protein. It's Icelandic style super yogurt.
Arla Skyr Sour Cherry 150g

Skyr Yogurt (Skimmed Milk) (85%) Sour Cherries (7.5%) Sugar (3.7%) Maize Starch
: 5 °C
150 g

79 kcal
334 kJ
0.1 g
0.2 g
9 g
8.3 g
9.4 g
0.02 g