Arla® Pro

Whip & Cook 30% fat

ID: 87028 10x1 L

Arla Pro® Whip & Cook is based on a mixture of skimmed milk and vegetable oil. It has a mild dairy flavour. Arla Pro® Whip & Cook is particularly suitable for whipping as it produces a high, stable foam. It’s exceptional whipping volume and dairy flavour makes it perfect for desserts such as mousse and cake decoration. With its shiny and smooth texture, Whip & Cook can also be used in cooking for both hot and cold dishes.
Arla Pro® Whip & Cook 30% fat

Skimmed Milk, hydrogenated palm kernel fat, emulsifier and stabilizer system (E472e, E472b, E471, E452, E1442, E412, E407), sorbitol (E420), beta-carotene, natural flavouring, flavouring
: 5 °C
1 L

306 kcal
1264 kJ
30 g
31 g
5.2 g
3.9 g
2.3 g
0.12 g