Arla® grated mozzarella 30+ (16%)

Arla® grated Mozzarella 30+ is Keyhole labelled and is for those who want to cut down on fat. Mozzarella 30+ is 100% Danish produced mozzarella cheese that with its special melting and stretching properties is the classic cheese for pizza. Mozzarella cheese gives a nice browning on the pizza, has a mild flavor. If you want to add more flavor to your pizza, it is recommended that you use a mixture of 2/3 mozzarella and 1/3 more character-filled cheeses - i.e. cheddar, Havarti or danablu. Mozzarella is also suitable for other oven meals, where a mild cheese flavor is preferred - i.e. for cheese bread, rösti or Italian inspired dishes like oven-baked vegetables with cheese or stuffed tomatoes.
Arla® Mozzarella 30+ 1 kg

: 5 °C
Rødkærsbro Mejeri
1 KG

260 kcal
1084 kJ
9.9 g
16 g
2.3 g
1.0 g
27 g
1.2 g