Arla® Lactofree

Arla Lactofree Soft White Cheese 200g

ID: 71241

The Joy of Dairy We love soft cheese. Just add to a little smoked salmon, some cucumber sandwiches, or a generous portion of mash - it's all good. What's not so good is lactose, a sugar that up to 15% of the UK population are intolerant to. This soft white cheese is completely lactose free, giving customers the delicious dairy taste with no side effects. Made with cows milk. Suitable for vegetarians. Lactose Free* *Less than 0.03% Lactose *We use rigorous scientific testing to ensure that Lactofree soft white cheese contains no lactose, using the most accurate UKAS-accredited tests available, enabling us to detect lactose at a trace level of 0.03%. At this level our tests show that there is no lactose present in Lactofree. Dairy's Back on the Menu. The good news is that Lactofree cream cheese is made from cows' milk that's been specially treated to remove lactose*, giving you all the great taste of dairy, with none of the nasty side effects.Within our Lactofree range we also offer a mature cheddar and a range of products including dairy drink, yogurts, spreadable and cream. So now your customers can tuck into all their old favourites again.
Arla Lactofree Soft White Cheese 200g

Cream Cheese (Milk), Lactase Enzyme
: 5 °C
200 g

197 kcal
816 kJ
16.5 g
10.5 g
3 g
8.6 g
0.8 g