Arla Apetina®

Arla Apetina® Classic in cubes 45+ (21%) 1 kg

A very creamy, mild and salted cheese. The cheese is provided in a bucket with liquid in large cubes of 15 x 15 mm with natural structure and small air holes. The cheese is typically used in salads, but is also brilliant in a large variety of hot dishes. Here it offers both the flavor and richness. Try it in i.e. soups, vegetable pies, stir and as sprinkle in a pasta dish.
Arla Apetina® Classic i tern 45+ (21%) 1 kg

: 5 °C
Kruså Mejeri
1 KG

244 kcal
1013 kJ
20 g
12 g
0.5 g
0.5 g
17 g
3.1 g