Pizza Photography Tips
07 August 2020

Pizza Photography Tips

Here's Our Top 3 Tips!

When photographing pizza you have a short window of time to get the perfect shot before the toppings start to dry out, the pizza cheese begins to solidify and your beautiful creation looks inedible.

Here are some top tips to help you get a great shot...

1. Props at the Ready

When photographing pizza you are working on borrowed time and every second counts. The pizza will start to look less appealing, so make sure you have your props at the ready if you want to include any extras in your shot. Some great complementing props would be sprinkled flour, a pizza cutter, chopped basil or a pizza box.

2. Composition is Key

Composition in photography is super important; the right use of composition will allow people to read your image easily. Try to position your camera level with the subject, as this will enhance the thickness of the pizza, making it look all the more tempting. Get up close to the subject so you capture the delicious toppings, bubbles on the crust and the softness of the mozzarella.

3. Stay Away From the Filters

It may be tempting to apply a quick and easy preset filter to your image; however, this can often undo all your hard work. You can absolutely up the contrast and brighten up the image, or perhaps you’d like to add a little more saturation. Just make sure you’re doing this manually so you have full control during the editing process.

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