Feeding people, not landfills
29 October 2020

Feeding people, not landfills

To fight food waste, we put our surplus food and raw ingredients to good use. In 2018, 1200 tonnes of dairy products were handed out to people in need.

Each year 1,3 billion tonnes of food are wasted or lost, globally. Needless to say, the environmental, economic and social impacts are enormous. If only 25 per cent of it was saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people. At Arla Pro®, we are acutely aware of this challenge, and we’re dedicated to doing our part to making it better – and supporting our partners in doing the same.

We’re partnering with local food banks to ensure that surplus dairy goes to those in need

David Field, Head of Arla Pro Global Foodservice

Walking the talk

Our food waste initiatives include selling the surplus food as animal feed, using it in biogas plants for energy production or sending it to waste handling – or donating it for good purposes. 

For years Arla has been partnering with FEBA, a non-profit network organization, which brings together 326 food banks in 23 countries throughout Europe such as Fareshare in the UK, Fødevarebanken in Denmark, Die Tafel in Germany, and the Dutch food bank.


Surplus dairy from Arla generate enough food for 2,800,000 meals every year

David Field, Head of Arla Pro Global Foodservice

Waiting less, donating more

Waste can occur when our dairy products cannot be sold via traditional sales channels. Either the expected demand did not meet the supply, or the products did not meet customer specifications. We’re in constant dialogue with our customers to avoid overproduction, but it’s not an exact science.

In 2018, we provided more than 1200 tonnes of dairy products through FEBA. This was enough to make more than 2,800,000 meals for people in need.*

We intend to further increase our provision of food supplies to help support those in need.

*recalculation based on methodology used by FairShare in the UK.